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How to Recover Password in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Recover Password in QuickBooks Desktop

A QuickBooks Password is used to access all your data stored in QuickBooks files. A strong password will always secure your private information and other essential information related to your business from any unauthorized access. When you enter a wrong password to access your data, it will automatically prevent you from opening your private information. If any user has gone through such issues of forgetting or losing Admin password, you will get it back after following carefully few essential procedures mentioned in this blog.

QuickBooks is an adaptable software that not only run your business and track your company’s performance but also designed to secure your all business data safe and secure. A multi-skilled software not only provides you Admin access by generating a user name but also enable you to go further for creating a password and manage other works with it. To keep your data under tight security and safety, Admin asks your password every time from you or other users trying to access QuickBooks company file. For security updates, you should know How to Recover QuickBooks Password, and you can change it by following few steps mentioned in this blog. All users must go through some tips for QuickBooks Password Recovery mentioned in this blog.

Password Ideas and Other Relevant Details

  • Create a strong password with some ‘specific words, numbers and letters of at least 7 characters’, ‘at least 1 digit’ and ‘at least 1 case-sensitive’.
  • ‘Passwords’ should be case-sensitive and confirm that ‘Caps Lock’ and ‘Num Lock’ are ‘ON’ while creating a new password.
  • ‘Password’ should have not any space if it is there, then ‘retype the password’ again.
  • Confirm that the ‘keyboard’ is working well
  • If you are not an ‘Admin’, then login with a ‘valid username’ and ‘password’ but if it is asking the only password, then close ‘QuickBooks’ and reopen it. In ‘Admin’ case, it requires only ‘a password’ to access it.
  •  The Admin password may be created ‘blank’.
  • In no password field, click ‘OK’ to continue the process in ‘QuickBooks’.

What Are The Tips To Change QuickBooks Desktop Administrator Password?

As you access your QuickBooks accounting software, an Admin user is automatically created by this software. Now you have another login credentials as Admin. Security and other responsibilities will direct you to recover your password.

  • Open the ‘Company file’, select the ‘Company’ and set up ‘User Id’ and ‘Password’.
  • Mention your ‘Current Password’.
  • Type your ‘New Password’ and confirm it and press ‘OK’.
  • Suppose you have forgotten or lost your password, you can go through the given below tips to ‘Reset Password for QuickBooks Admin’.

Recreate Your Admin or User Password

Admin Password

Recreate the Admin password if you wish to change.

  • No need to enter a ‘User Name’ when you access ‘QuickBooks’ and enter the only ‘password’ to open it.
  • Your user id will be ‘Admin’ or another name that you wish to create.

User Password

If you are non-admin, then your Admin will recreate password for you. Contact your Admin to follow the steps given for ‘QuickBooks Password Reset’ in the section given below.

Use Security Question to Recreate Your Password

  • Select ‘I forgot my password’ on the ‘QuickBooks sign-in screen’
  • Answer to the ‘Security Question’ and then press ‘OK.’
  • Click the ‘Close’ button when a message is displaying on your screen “When you removed the password, challenge answer and question, and your company file no-longer password protected. When you nearby this window, then you create a new password and select and answer a challenge question.”
  • Open the desktop and follow the steps of ‘QuickBooks Password Recovery.’
  • Type a ‘New Password’ and choose a ‘new challenge question.’
  • Click the ‘OK’ button and your file will ‘open’.

Recreate Password for QuickBooks Desktop Admin and Other Users

To Reset Password for QuickBooks Admin, you must go through the given below steps.

  • First, confirm that the ‘QuickBooks Software Latest Version’ is installed on your operating system. You found it same as you have accessed your ‘QuickBooks file’ with a strong password.
  • After this, you must open the ‘Intuit support page’ and press on ‘QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool’ button and choose the latest version like your accounting software on which you are working.
  • Go through the ‘instructions’ on a new window. ‘Windows’ users accessing ‘QuickBooks’ are taken to a new page to fill out an ‘Online form’ while Mac users are taken to the technical support for further individual help. 
  • You can create a new password or recreate password for QuickBooks Installation through Intuit which will provide software to Reset/Recover QuickBooks password.

Extra Methods (For QuickBooks 2019 and Earlier)

  • Open ‘QuickBooks’ and press on ‘I Forgot My Password’ when the screen shows ‘QuickBooks Login Window’ on a desktop. It will ask the security question automatically.
  • Give a reply to the ‘Security Question’ and press on the ‘OK’ button. A message will appear ‘Password’ is removed successfully’ on your screen
  • Type ‘Alt+F4 keys’ or press ‘OK’ button to enter a ‘New Password’ in the password field. Then, confirm it and answer a security question.
  • Fill out the ‘Reset/Recover QuickBooks Admin Password’ form and press on the ‘OK’ button. ‘QuickBooks’ will send an ‘Access code’, and you can fill it in ‘Password Reset Code’ blank space. Your password is deleted, and you have to enter a ‘New Password’ and a ‘New Answer’ to the ‘Security Question’.

If QuickBooks Password Recovery Doesn’t Work

  • First, ‘Double-Check’ the information you have mentioned there
  • ‘Verify’ and ‘Confirm’ the information available in ‘CAMPS.’
  • You can use ‘QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool’ again to encounter an error in resetting the password.
  • Choose the option ‘Search for Something Else’, ‘Enter Your Password’, and choose ‘Search’ when you contact ‘QuickBooks support’ for help.

Recover a User Password

  • Sign-in as ‘System Admin User’
  • Navigate to ‘Company’ option and then select ‘Set Up Users and Passwords’
  • Now, select ‘Set Up Users’
  • If it is shown, enter ‘Admin Password’ again
  • Choose the user that require ‘QuickBooks Password Reset’ in the ‘Users list’.
  • Then, choose ‘Edit User’ and then enter a ‘New Password’
  • Finally, press twice and select ‘Finish’ option.


The above-mentioned procedures will guide you about How to Recover QuickBooks Password but you can’t do it because you have faced an error in QuickBooks Password Reset. The best solution to get the password resetting is by calling QuickBooks password recovery support team, and you will get instant recovery of your QuickBooks password. Our technical experts use innovative and expertise solutions to fix your problem related to the resetting of QuickBooks password.